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Optify Full Rim Rectangle Eyeglasses Men Women Color (Black)
Optify eyeglasses are recommended for all ages. These eyeglasses are designed for the fashionable man and woman.
₹ 499.00 ₹ 999 OPTIFY

Our Rectangle Eyeglasses Are Made Of High-Quality Material, And The Full-Frame Spectacles Are Medium in Size and Designed to Fit Comfortably.

Full Frame
Light Weight and Comfortable
Strong and Durable
Free Eyeglasses Case with Cleaning Cloth

Optify Eyewear comes with Premium Quality Check Blue Cut Lenses, which reduces the effects of bad blue light. The Human Eye's Natural Defence Is Not Equipped To Protect From Blue Light 

Blue Light Comes From TV, PC, Laptop, Tablets, and Smartphone Screens That Reach Deeper Into Your Eye And Its Cumulative Effect Can Cause Damage To The Retina, Which Leads To Headache, Eye Strain, And Dry Eyes.

Lenses Absorb Ultraviolet Light, Protecting The Eye And Making The Use Of Electronic Devices Less Inconvenient.

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